Sentinel Pine Orchards

“It certainly opens up possibilities, the way I see the [hard cider movement] growth happening; I could start putting in acreage devoted to hard cider. It shows huge promise, which is fantastic because it’s helping the bottom line.” -Whitney Blodgett, Owner, Sentinel Pine Orchards.

“Sentinel Pine Orchards is a 500-acre orchard that sits on the shores of Lake Champlain. This orchard has been in the Blodgett family for 45 years and was passed from father to son in 1999. This orchard is part of the Vermont Land Trust and will be preserved as agricultural land forever. This orchard started out with 27 acres, and now Sentinel Pine has over 200 acres of some of the finest McIntosh and Macoun apples grown in Addison County (as well as other varieties).”

Sentinel Pine Orchards is located at 832 Witherell Road in Shoreham, Vermont.