Green Mountain Orchard, Inc.

“I love being able to work outside and not have to do the same thing 365 days a year. It’s very satisfying, and I have a very strong connection to the land here, knowing that my father, grandfather, and great grandfather were farming it before me.” -Casey Darrow, Owner, Green Mountain Orchard, Inc.

“Located in the hills above the village of Putney, VT, Green Mountain Orchards is one of Vermont’s largest apple orchards and is managed by the Darrow family. Four generations of the Darrow family have farmed the hills that make up Green Mountain OrchardsWe grow primarily apples and blueberries for the wholesale market and boast over 125 acres of apples in production and nearly 18 acres of blueberries.”


Green Mountain Orchard, Inc. is located at 130 West Hill Road in Putney, Vermont.