Citizen Cellar – Feral Fizz

This unfiltered, dry and sparkling cider was made in honor of Fizzy, a snow white, fluffy, three-legged Pomeranian who belongs to one of Citizen Cider’s three founders. One day, Fizzy went missing near the heavily wooded, steep creek embankment near her house. Remarkably, it was three weeks before she was found again, alive and well. One can only imagine what happened to Fizzy. a five pound dog who is missing one of her back legs, while she was lost in the deep Vermont woods for many cold nights. Made from Northern spy apples, the Feral Fizz is a cider that was created using the ‘Pet Nat’ method, where the cider is bottled before it finishes fermenting and naturally carbonates in the bottle creating a natural ‘fizz’.