Be a Thankful Citizen


We are counting our blessings here in Burlington, VT because we have a lot to be grateful for.

Over the course of this year, we have faced challenges as we bounce back from the COVID pandemic, but not one of those challenges have brought us down. We have taken enormous steps toward an exciting future for Citizen Cider, and we have so many folks to thank.


It goes without saying, but we are saying it nonetheless, Team Citizen is like no other.  Whether it’s our hardworking press operators on Flynn Ave, our Front of House team serving up the works, our operations team on Pine St. creating the products you love, or our cider slingers downstairs who make magic behind screen, at conference tables and on the road across the Northeast, we are surrounded by the hardest working individuals around.


Being a Vermont company means being a part of a tight knit, passionate community, that is constantly working together to build each other up. The partners we work with locally whether it is venues or farms are a key to what we do.

But we are lucky to be a part of a bigger community. 10 Years later and we bring cider to the people of most states in the Northeast. We have grown our sourcing to include some incredible apple farms in Upstate NY. We get to be a part of businesses that have their own stories to tell and love each and every one. To the communities that help us grow bigger every year, and to the community that we call home: Thank You.


The most important of them all, The Citizens. Near and far we do what we do, well, for you. We call ourselves Citizen Cider for a reason. We work hard to create a product for everyone and to being joy to people’s lives in a simple and delicious way. From the die-hard fans to those new to the brand, we’re not us without you.