The Good Citizen Spotlight

we’re back at it with another edition of the good citizen spotlight!

 a monthly acknowledgment thanking the amazing individuals and teams that help get the cider to the people, by the people.


this month we give a special thanks to the good citizens of our FRONT OF HOUSE TEAM!

Key Accomplishments:

14 new staff members since April. 

As of September we’re over $300,000 above forecasted revenue.

 The return of events with great turnouts for Battle of the Bands, Art Hop, and Cider Fest.

Added a brand new Point of Sales System and doubled our seating capacity on the deck.

get to know the team:

Megan Maher – General manager

Good Citizen for: 3 Months

Fun Fact: Halloween is my favorite day of the year

Matthew stephen perry – Events liasion

Good Citizen for: 5.5 years

Fun Fact: enjoys rock n roll and Disc Golf. Sometimes at the same time

Roberta Molokandov – Server

Good Citizen for: 3 months

Fun Fact: russian is my first language

maddie olson – Host, server, and runner

Good Citizen for: 3 months

Fun Fact: I am a scuba diver who auditioned for american idol when i was 15 years old

rob havens – bartender

Good Citizen for: 3 months

Fun Fact: Multi-instrumentalist. Plays the guitar, violin, and Irish flute

T’yana Cheney – Server

Good Citizen for: 6 months

Fun Fact:  Visited Nigeria and participated in a 4-day celebration of life with the whole village including her family and friends over Okra/o (soup), a famous national dish..

Kaitlin Green – Bartender and Server

Good Citizen for: 1 year, 9 months

Fun Fact: i know all the state capitals

Mary Jean “MJ” Lapierre – Server

Good Citizen for: 4 months

Fun Fact: I know every word to the song, “just a friend”, by Biz Markie

Hayley Martin – Bartender and Server

Good Citizen for: 5 months 

Fun Fact: I also work in a library, and love books! 

Meg Garry – Director of Retail Operations

Good Citizen for: 7 years

Fun Fact:  I have 74 house plants

Julia walters – server

Good Citizen for: 3 months

Fun Fact: i also work in a library

Max Pomroy- bartender and server

pronouns: they/them

Good Citizen for: 1 month

Fun Fact:  studied abroad in the australian rainforest 

Stacy Campbell – head server

Good Citizen for: 6 years

Fun Fact: third generation burlington native

kevin benoit – server and bartender

Good Citizen for: 2 months

Fun Fact:Ate 10 tacos in one sitting

Jenna Goodman – Host/Runner

Good Citizen for: 4 months

Fun Fact:I took martial arts for 8 years before coming to Vermont


Cheers to you!

Thanks for all that you do and thanks for Being Good Citizens.