The Good Citizen Spotlight

Here at Citizen Cider our employees wear many different hats, each department working together with one common goal in mind – getting the cider to the people! We know how hard our employees work and we want to show them some appreciation!

introducing The good citizen spotlight! – a monthly acknowledgment thanking the amazing individuals and teams that help get the cider to the people, by people!


For the first spotlight, let’s give it up to our business Department!

Department Milestones:

In the last year the team has focused on lean processes, taking the waste out of our work, supporting the organization, and building relationships.

The 2020 Covid challenges did not get in our way. We learned how to use working remote to our advantage and still was able to grow stronger as a team, stay focused, get the work done and have some fun along the way.

Department Accomplishments:

Enhanced team collaboration

Elevated customer service level

Revamped Sales ordering process

Moved to electronic banking

Implemented Daily & Weekly Dashboards

Report automation

Shift from reporting numbers to providing insights

get to know the team:

Sam Quinn – Director of finance

Good Citizen for: 1 Covid year (so really like 5)

Fun Fact: Adventurous Grandma

ryan hohl – supply chain management

Good Citizen for: 5 Years

Fun Fact: Once had dreadlocks for 4 years

ryan riddle & herbie – Staff accountant

Good Citizen for: 3 years

Fun Fact: Trained his dog to use Excel

aj whitney – accounting intern

Good Citizen for: 1 month

Fun Fact: Played college soccer at Saint Michael’s College