The Good Citizen Spotlight

we’re back at it with another edition of the good citizen spotlight!

 a monthly acknowledgment thanking the amazing individuals and teams that help get the cider to the people, by the people.


this month we give a special thanks to the good citizens of our Warehouse team!

Department Milestones & accomplishments:

We are now taking on up to 2 “Bulk” loads of apples a week. The bulk load is an open top trailer that raises like a dump truck. This is a straight to pressing operation, and eliminates the use of 20 bushel bins which reduces labor and movement.

We finished painting the walls of the warehouse and have reorganized our tools storage for easy use and availability, while redesigning our communication board for ease of use and effectiveness.

We have developed and modified a pack out station to fulfill all of our 12Pk and variety packs at the Flynn location.

get to know the team:


PAUL RILEY – Warehouse Manager

Good Citizen for: 2 years

Fun Fact: I met my wife at a grateful dead show in Louisville, KY

Deb Chaloux – Warehouse specialist

Good Citizen for: 2 years

Fun Fact: I was a (house) painter before I moved to VT and I loved it.

Cheers to you!

Thanks for all that you do and thanks for Being Good Citizens.