The Good Citizen Spotlight

we’re back at it with another edition of the good citizen spotlight!

 a monthly acknowledgment thanking the amazing individuals and teams that help get the cider to the people, by the people.

this month we give a special thanks to the good citizens from our Back of house!


Department Milestones:

In 2020 we saw the release of our episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives featuring our wings!

Department Accomplishments:

Our kitchen continued to serve excellent food throughout the pandemic!

The kitchen went through multiple menu changes to make sure that we could continue to feed the people. Even with a limited capacity, they were able to keep costs down, and still sling over 8,000 burgers!

Their work is part of the reason that we were able to keep the doors open. After the initial shutdown, we were able to bring back everyone on the team that was able and keep them working all winter long! Throughout that, they’ve experimented with new ways to incorporate local growers and makers into a limited menu with the addition of grocery items in our Good Neighbor Pantry.

Not to mention all of the work done on creating new systems and organization so we’re ready for the booming months ahead!

get to know the team:


Shawn Plante – Head Chef

Good Citizen for: 1.5 years

Fun Fact: If shit hits the fan I have enough supplies to walk into the woods and survive for at least two years

Danny Myette AKA Danny bag of Donuts – Prep Chef

Good Citizen for: 2.5 years

Fun Fact: I have a good sense of humor and I am an avid “yardner”

Kenan Elkaz – Line Chef

Good Citizen for: 6 month

Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking with my dogs

Jake Moore – Line Chef

Good Citizen for: 1 month

Fun Fact: My zodiac sign is cancer which makes me a sensitive soul