Enjoy Seltzer all year round!

The long, cold winter months can be tough to get through, so why limit the things that make us happy!? Just because summer is gone, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sipping on your favorite #seltzys! ..And just incase you missed it, we released Citizen Seltzer this summer and it quickly became our summer go-to. 😎

so What is Citizen Seltzer?

Citizen Seltzer is made with a very unique process. We start with craft hard cider, break it into pieces and reformulate to create an amazing craft seltzer. Dry and refreshing. Not artificially sweet and only made with natural sugars.

missing that #summerofseltzy lifestyle? check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy Citizen Seltzer all year long!

just Drink Seltzer…

You deserve something light, delicious and refreshing any time of year! Especially after a year like 2020, there are no rules anymore. Wait for a warm night, have an outdoor fire and crack a can of Citizen Seltzer. It will remind you of cool summer nights with friends, not to mention the snow keeps your seltzer ice cold! 🙌

Seltzer Cocktails

Our seltzers make the perfect addition to any cocktail! Not only are our seltzers refreshingly light and delicious, they’re also gluten free and only 100 calories and 1g of sugar per serving! Guilt-free drinking for those of you with New Year’s resolutions.😉



1oz vodka

.5oz fresh lime juice

.5oz maple syrup

fill with Citizen Seltzer Ginger Love

garnish with a lime wedge

do a seltzer tasting

Whether you’re already a Citizen Seltzer lover or you’ve never tried them before, have fun tasting them all together! Check out our Youtube channel and Tim will give you the lowdown on each of these delicious seltzys. Citizen Seltzer is available for pick-up and local delivery from the Pine St. Cider Pub. Not local? You can also find them on our online shop or by checking our cider locator.


food & seltzer

Just like our ciders, Citizen Seltzers pair well with some our favorite foods! Put together an epic charcuterie board and let us know what your favorite seltzer and cheese/meat pairings are!

We enjoy pairing All Day Apple with a classic cheddar. Apples & cheddar just belong together, ya know? Try Shelburne Farms’ 2 Year Sharp Cheddar.

Lemon Spritz & VT Salumi’s Capocollo is *chefs kiss*. Lightly dusted with pepper and coriander, this Capocollo  is literally making our mouths water just thinking about it.

Try Ginger Love with VT Farmstead’s Lillé, a brie-like masterpiece that goes perfectly with the subtle ginger flavor of our Ginger Love.

How do you enjoy Citizen Seltzer year round? Let us know and tag us on social media to be featured on our page!