10 things you can do to make you feel like you’re at our annual Cider Fest

It’s Cider Season folks and we’re bummed that we cannot celebrate together this year at our annual Cider Fest, but Don’t fret here are a few ways to celebrate our favorite season!

Are you just as upset as we are about missing this year’s Citizen Cider Fest? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 fall #af activities that will make you feel like you’re hanging out at the Citizen Press House sipping on your favorite ciders.


First things first, Miss Weinerz Donuts

These delicious, hot and fresh maple and cider donuts are an absolute must have at Cider Fest. They are SO good that we usually run out of them in the first few hours! Click here to find out where you can get your hands on some of Miss Weinerz epic donuts.


Go apple picking at your local orchard

We love apple season (for some pretty obvious reasons) which is why we love sharing our apples during Cider Fest! Instead of picking some of your favorite apple varieties here at the Citizen Press House, support your local orchard and go apple picking, eat cider donuts and drink some hot cider! If you’re local to Vermont, visit some of our friends at Happy Valley Orchard or Shelburne Orchards.


check out last year’s musical guest, argonaut & wasp on the mtv vmas

That’s right folks, one of last year’s Cider Fest performers, Argonaut & Wasp was featured on the 2020 MTV VMAs! Click here to watch.


make our hot mulled cider at home

Our Hot Mulled Cider is always a big hit at Cider Fest. Now you can make this delicious fall beverage at home! (Bourbon optional 😉 ) Click here for our recipe.


Play some lawn games and crush all the citizen ciders

We always have our lawn games out to play at Cider Fest. Enjoy sipping on your favorite ciders while beating your best friend at some backyard Cornhole or Giant Jenga!


Get your hands on some VT farmstead cheese

We’re big fans of cheese, especially cheese from our friends at VT Farmstead! Every year they set up shop at Cider Fest giving away free samples of their delicious cheese! If you’re local to New England, you can find their cheese at most grocery stores or local cheese shops. If you’re not local, don’t worry! They also offer national shipping on their website!


Take a virtual tour of the citizen press house

Every year we open the doors to the Citizen Press House to celebrate cider season! Part of that celebration includes giving tours of our apple press and showing folks just how the pressing process works.This year we aren’t able to offer any tours, so we decided to put together a virtual tour of the Citizen Press House! Enjoy.


support your favorite local artist

Cider Fest is about celebrating all things fall. For us, that includes a pop up Vermont Artist Market. We love inviting Vermont artists to sell their goods at our events. Not only do we enjoy supporting small, local businesses, but we love connecting our customers to new artists and helping them find their new favorite pieces of art! A few of our past favorites include: Jackie Bishop, Wings & Things VT& Life In The Boonies


Make some all times donut holes at home

This is for the folks that aren’t local and can’t get their hands on Miss Weinerz infamous donuts. Or maybe you’re just in the mood for baking, after all this is a celebration of all things fall! Now you can make your very own All Times Donut Holes from the comfort of your own home. Don’t have any All Times? That’s okay, you can order some from our online shop! For our easy, at home All Times Donut Hole recipe, click here.


shop our ciders and merch in house or online

Half the fun of Cider Fest is drinking your favorite ciders in the warm, fall sunshine. Check out our cider locator to find out where some of your favorite ciders are available near you! Can’t find some of our ciders locally? Don’t worry, we are now shipping our ciders to 41states! #bestdayever #getexcidered. And don’t forget to grab some of your favorite Citizen Cider swag! After all, is it really fall without a new favorite cider hoodie or beanie?

We’re sad to miss Cider Fest this year, but keeping the Citizens safe and healthy is our top priority! Enjoy these Cider Fest inspired activities at home and we promise Cider Fest 2021 will be twice as epic!