Introducing Citizen Seltzer

Summer days just got a whole lot cooler!


Introducing Citizen Seltzer:

A Craft hard seltzer. Made in Vermont. crafted from real fruit, not sugar

Why Citizen Seltzer? Citizen Seltzer was created after the seltzer category exploded in 2019. Being the creators we are, we decided to do a survey of the industry. We discovered pretty quickly that there is no middle to the category, no seltzer brands offering higher quality products made with real ingredients. Most were made with sugar-based alcohol and flavored with anything but natural fruit, leaving a nagging and off-putting aftertaste on the pallet. We challenged our team to create a better product made from real fruit, with no added sugars that holds true to the ethos of Citizen Cider, using locally sourced ingredients.

Our process involves our good friends at Aqua ViTea. We start with a craft hard cider and break it into pieces with their separation cone. We then reformulate the alcohol (derived solely from cider) with some carbonated water to create an amazing craft hard seltzer!

Meet the crew:

Apple All Day: Apple Seltzer

A burst of refreshment from the first sip sitting right a 5% ABV this seltzer is a perfect combination of thirst-quenching apple with a clean bubbly finish. This deliciously refreshing seltzer has just 100 calories, 2 carbs ,1 gram of sugar, and of course is 100% locally sourced. Perfect for a day at the beach or enjoying by the camp fire.

Ginger Love: Ginger-Infused apple seltzer

Fresh sparkling seltzer, with a refreshing snap of ginger balanced flawlessly by the apple coming in right at 5% ABV. This seltzer is the perfect combination of pure refreshment with just 100 calories 2 carbs and 1 gram of sugar this seltzer is the perfect companion for socially distanced adventures.

Lemon Spritz: Lemon Peel Infused apple seltzer

The lemon peel complements the apple and adds a complexity and body to this light and refreshing seltzer 5% ABV Seltzer. This seltzer comes in at 100 calories, 2 carbs ,1 gram of sugar making it the perfect sessionable seltzer for any occasion.

While this summer may not be the one we were all anticipating, make it one to remember with us. We might not be able to gather in large groups or take the trips we’ve been planning but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a refreshing seltzer with our friends and family (from a safe distance of course). 2020 has been a wild ride but together we can get through this!

Citizen Seltzer is now available for pick up and delivery at our Pine St. Cider Pub! To place an order check out our online shop.

Seltzer will be hitting the shelves in Vermont this week! Not local? Don’t worry, our Seltzer will be coming to a market near you soon!

Check our locator for updates.