The People’s Cider is back!

..And we couldn’t be more #excidered!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with The People’s Cider, it’s a cider that celebrates you, The People! Once a year we ask the Citizens to bring us apples from their own backyards or local orchards so we can make a cider together.

The People’s Cider is a project based on collaboration. This year we received 84 individual donations. From those 84 participants, we received just over 5.5 crates or 110 bushels of local apples! These apples came in all shapes, sizes and delivery methods from truckloads to sled-fulls! This is a cider that rings true to our mission. Cider for The People, made by The People. The People’s Cider is made possible by you!

This year we received apples from not only Vermont, but from our neighbors in both New Hampshire and Maine!

Once all donations were in, the apples were pressed at our Flynn Ave Press House and then transported to our Pine Street location for fermentation.

One of our favorite parts about making this communal cider is never knowing how it will turn out! This year’s People’s Cider is dry, bubbly and super refreshing! 

a cider truly made for The People, by The People.

So Celebrate the cider community with us and grab a bottle of this limited batch cider, it won’t last long!

You can purchase The People’s Cider here for curbside pick up at our Pine St. Cider Pub or for delivery in Chittenden County VT and Washington County, VT.