The days are getting longer and warmer. the flowers and trees are in bloom. The sun is shining and it’s got us thinking about our brand new lavender cider, Fruition!  

Crisp and refreshing, Fruition is the perfect beverage for these warm sunny days. Staying home is rough but all you need is a good cider and some sunshine to brighten your day.

Lavender has many traditional uses ranging from perfume to medicinal oils. It also happens to grow well in our great state, so we decided to make a cider with it!

Fruition is new to the Origin Series but this cider comes to us from our Pine St. Cellar Series. That’s right folks, Fruition started out as a small batch cider only sold in our Pine St. Cider Pub. But the people asked for more lavender cider and we listened!

The Origin Series is all about featuring the unique people, places and crops of our region in the Northeast. This herbal cider made with locally grown lavender touches on all three. The flowers bring light floral notes of sweetness to this crisp, dry cider. The farmers growing lavender are much like the cider, unique, bright and always ready to celebrate the solstice.

just like the flowers and trees, lavender comes to Fruition every spring, so grab a glass and celebrate the solstice with us! 

this mother’s day get mom something special! we heard she loves lavender. check out our new Mother’s Day gift bag available to order here!

Gift bags include a 4pack of Fruition, goodies from Castleton Crackers, VT Farmstead Cheese Co. and Lake Champlain Chocolates. Just include your Mom’s name, address and contact information and we’ll take care of the rest!

Not local? You can still enjoy our favorite Fruition cocktail with Mom (IRL or virtually!)

Fruition cans are now available for curb side pick up at our Pine St. Cider Pub and for delivery in Chittenden County & Washington County, VT. To find Fruition near you check out our cider locator!