New Year, Tree Tapper is back!

We are #excidered to announce that Tree Tapper is returning to the Origin Series for a third year!

It’s true, Vermonters love their Maple Syrup. We would put it on everything if it was possible…I mean let’s be honest we kind of already do. Ice cream, candy, ALL breakfast foods, even snow. So why not in Hard Cider?

That’s why we created Tree Tapper. This deliciously dry and refreshing cider is fermented with pure Vermont maple syrup from the good folks at Runamok Maple in Northern, Vermont.

Every year sap flows from the maple trees in Vermont and every year for the past three years we get down to the business of collaborating with our fellow farmers, fermenting Tree Tapper and raising a glass of it with our friends as they gather in sugarhouses. Tree Tapper is fermented with maple syrup, red wine yeast, aged on untoasted oak and infused with dark Belgian candi syrup to add rich and hearty characteristics reminiscent of the season and the good maple farmers at the sugarhouse.

About Runamok:

Runamok Maple is in Northern Vermont, spanning 1,100 acres in Cambridge and 250 acres in Fairfield! Their hardworking crew taps 81,000 trees, across their property… That’s A LOT of maple! Throughout the sugaring season, the flavor of the syrup varies due to temperature, moisture and acts of nature that remain a mystery even to the experts! This is what makes Tree Tapper such a unique addition to our Origin Series, every year we ferment it tastes a little different, but don’t worry – it’s always delicious and maple-y.

For more information and where to find their products please visit:

So if you’re looking for a maple syrup fix, we got you. Tree Tapper is now available at our Pine Street tasting room as well as select markets! Use our LOCATOR to find out where you can get your hands on this limited batch Maple cider!