Big Juicy is Back!

That’s right folks, Big Juicy is BACK & better than ever!

Join us as we welcome this fan favorite back to the origin series. 

Big Juicy is an Imperial Dry cider that sits at 8% ABV with 1% residual sugars, creating big fruit forward flavors and a completely dry finish.This deliciously boozy cider pairs well with BBQ, grilled food, oysters & rich chocolate desserts. 

The origin series is all about featuring the unique people, places and crops of our region in the northeast. Big Juicy is the embodiment of all three.

For this cider, we take apples grown by the good farmers in our region, press them in-house and take the fresh cider to the good folks at Runamok Maple in Fairfax, Vermont. They take our freshly pressed juice and concoct an apple molasses using the time-honored Vermont tradition of sugaring. The infusion of the molasses is what gives Big Juicy its name, big apple flavor! Runamok Maple and Citizen Cider’s collaboration helps pave the way to introduce consumers to the great products that are produced here in our home state.

Big Juicy will be available starting 11/23 at our pine street taproom and will hit shelves starting next week (11/25).
Don’t miss out on this year’s Big Juicy batch- It won’t last long!


 Check out our Cider Locator to see where you can score some Big Juicy & click here for more information about Runamok Maple & where to find their products!

Cheers to collaborating with local businesses & cheers to Big Juicy!