For you, For Us, For Shore.

This summer we are #excidered to welcome our newest cider, For Shore!

For Shore is a gose inspired cider finished with coriander and sea salt. It’s dry and bubbly and best enjoyed alongside your favorite waterfront view. This gose style cider was originally created as part of our Pine St. Cellar Series. If you are not familiar with our cellar series, here’s a quick run down:

We developed this line of ciders as a homage to our home base on Pine St. in Burlington, VT and the ciders we have developed here in the cellar. The Pine St. Cellars are limited batch ciders that use experimental fermentation conditions and unique ingredients to allow us to explore the potential that exists in ciders that use real fruits and local ingredients. These ciders are only available in our Tasting Room, the batches are very limited and rarely made twice.

so, who remembers Cori-Anderson?Image result for emoji girl with hand raisedImage result for emoji girl with hand raisedImage result for emoji girl with hand raised

Shout out to a former cider maker, Anderson for the idea behind this tasty cider!

Image result for waving emoji Hi Anderson! we miss you.

From there Cori-Anderson quickly became a fan favorite, so we decide to transition this delicious cider into our Origin Series, where Cori-Anderson became High Tide.

Last May we released High Tide in 12oz cans. The Good Citizens loved this gose style cider so much, that we sold out – too quickly! The people spoke and we listened, so we decided to introduce this cider into our year round cider line up. With that, came another name change, a can design update AND more FL oz. It’s no secret that in the beverage industry there are always trade mark issues. When deciding to make this cider available year round and more widely distributed we needed a name that wasn’t being used by so many different beverage companies.

and so, for shore was born

Along with the new name came the opportunity to work with the Lake Champlain Committee, a local non-profit dedicated to protecting our shores.

Citizen Cider is located on the shores of the mighty Lake Champlain. We care about the lake, we rely on the lake for our water and our livelihood as cider makers in Burlington. Over the past few years during the summer months our local lake has run into many issues. as a community we have seen beach closures, boating restrictions and many other issues that are directly impacted by the cleanliness of the water. Citizen Cider as a business decided to step up to the plate and see exactly how we could help.

So, Citizen Cider is launching the For Shore Campaign in partnership with The Lake Champlain Committee to raise proceeds for direct, focused and immediate clean-up efforts. We are committing to $1 per case in cooperation with Farrell Distributing to be donated directly to Lake Champlain Committee and their efforts in Water chestnut harvesting, cyanobacteria collection monitoring and further their dedication to lake health and accessibility.

 We are ready for some fun in the sun and want to make sure our lakes, rivers and oceans are ready too!

For you, For us, For Shore.

We are also partnering up with other organizations outside of VT. Here’s a list of folks we are partnering with:

Charles River Watershed Association 

Freshwater Future

Blue Ocean



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