Welcome back, Northern Spy!

That’s right folks, northern spy is back & in 12oz cans!

if you’re an original citizen you’ll remember this OG cider: 

Northern Spy is a single varietal cider, meaning we only use one kind of apple:

the Northern Spy. 

The Origin Series is all about featuring the unique people, places and crops of our region in the Northeast. This single varietal cider made with heritage Northern Spy apples touches on all three. This apple brings a big, bright and slightly acidic character to our cider. The farmers growing Northern Spy apples are as unique as the cider itself. Proud, a little bit stubborn and full of character. 


We use 100% locally sourced northern spy apples from Van Acker Farms in Wayne County, NY.

Wayne County, NY is home to one of the most unique apple crops in the country. They don’t call NY ‘The Big Apple’ for no reason,  It is the second largest apple producing state in the United States.  Wayne County NY, located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, is the number one apple producing county in NY. Northern Spy apples come to us very late season. they can be a bit tart in to the bite, but have more of a cider-quality flavor with hints of pear and sweetness.

Northern Spy is crisp, light & refreshing, the perfect cider to enjoy in the sunshine on these warm spring days.  

Get this limited batch cider while it lasts!

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