Super Bowl Pairings!

It’s that time of year again! Super bowl LIII is on Sunday and we want to make sure you know which ciders pair the best with your favorite Super Bowl snacks!

Whether you are rooting for the Patriots or the Rams the folks at citizen cider know that the snacks and booze are equally important as the big game.

but If you aren’t that into sports ball, you’ll probably at least watch for the commercials or the half time show.

Either way, we know you’ll be chowing down on nachos and wings so here’s Citizen Cider’s favorite cider snack pairings!


For Shore is a Gose inspired cider with coriander seed and sea salt. We recommend drinking this bad boy with Pulled Pork or Veggies and Dip.

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Unified Press is our flagship cider, this traditional semi-dry cider pairs well with Buffalo Wings. What’s a Super Bowl without wings?


The dirty mayor

The infamous Dirty Mayor is one of our most popular ciders, partly because of the name and partly because of the delicious gingerness. Our ginger-infused cider goes perfectly with Cheesy Chicken Nachos.

I’m drooling rn


the lake hopper

The Lake Hopper is dry-hopped with cascade hops, this unique hoppy cider is perfect for when you can’t decide if you want a cider or beer! It pairs well with Spinach and Artichoke Dip.

ok, now I’m really drooling.

wit’s up

Wit’s Up is our dry ale-style cider. This truly dry cider is perfect for munching on some Pigs in a Blanket or Pizza!

OR BOTH? WHAT?! is this real life?


Last but certainly not least, Brosé. this tasty little treat is a rosé-style cider that’s co-fermented with blueberries. It tastes even better with some Shrimp Cocktail.

mouth watering..

This super bowl we hope you celebrate with us, cheers to good food and great cider!