Unified Cheddar

What could be better than unified Cheddar?

we are so #excidered to have teamed up with the good folks at Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company & Hannaford Supermarkets to create something truly delicious!

Here’s a peek into our cheese-making journey!

We partnered with the good folks at Vermont Farmstead in Woodstock, Vermont to make a cider aged cheddar! And when we say partnered, we mean we actually got to go to their facility and make cheese with their cheesemakers. Because they are a farmstead all of the milk was brought in that morning fresh from their lovely cows.

“Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company began as a community effort to preserve a picturesque 18-acre dairy farm in South Woodstock, Vt in 2009. ¬†Passionate residents raised money to purchase the land, buildings and equipment in hopes that it would remain a dairy farm. With the generous contributions and tireless efforts of an entire community, their dream was realized and Vermont Farmstead became the first community-owned artisan cheese and dairy facility in the state!”

This incredibly special dairy farm stays true to their mission of supporting small businesses and their community.

We then were lead through all of the process of cheddaring by Rick and Megan, resident Cheesemakers. The main thing we learned, is cheese making, although super fun, is not easy, it involves a lot of heavy lifting. The pics below show a few of the many steps in creating cheddar. We were on site for most of the day making curds, blocking cheddar and then finally soaking the curds in delicious Unified Press where it was then blocked again and aged for 6 months.


this cheesy goodness is available now in hannaford supermarkets all over VT, NH, MA and ME!

Although Hannaford is not native to Vermont, they are fellow New Englanders! The supermarket chain was founded in the great state of Maine. Hannaford helps local companies in New England and New York grow their brands. The supermarkets carry tons of local products all throughout their grocery stores. They too share the mission of supporting local business owners and bringing communities together.

Local collaborations = Amazing Cheese

This cheese is sold exclusively at hannafords supermarkets, so get it while it lasts!

cider and cheese for the people #getEXCIDERED