The Citizen Spotlight II

Koko here, and I’m back at it, ready to report! We can’t stress enough just how important our staff here at Citizen Cider is!

Here’s our second edition of Employee Spotlights, because honestly our staff rules!

Today’s Citizen Spotlight:

The man, the myth, the legend, Matt Perry

Bartender extraordinaire

JK, JK..

We are so lucky to have Perry as part of our front of house staff. If you’ve ever stepped foot in our tasting room, you’ve probably had the pleasure of chatting with Matt. On a day to day basis you’ll find Perry talking about cider, pouring cider and spinning tunes for you to enjoy while you’re drinking cider. He doesn’t like working here… he LOVES working at Citizen Cider. Perry believes in the company and the product we sell. He loves being part of the Pine st. community and loves the people he works with. Perry is just shy of his 2 years with us at Citizen Cider and we can’t remember a time before he worked here! He can put a smile on just about anyones face. His favorite cider is Citra Star. When he’s not tending bar in our tasting room you can find him playing music, listening to music, going to see music or watching any Boston sports-ball game. Go Pats! WE LOVE YOU PERRY!


Quality assurance manager

Kim has been working for Citizen for just about 2 years. Kim is in charge of analytical testing in all stages of production, from sweet cider all the way to finished product. She basically gets to taste test cider all day long. LUCKY. Kim also coordinates with all departments of production to get cider out to all you good citizens. SO THANK YOU KIM FOR GETTING THE CIDER TO THE PEOPLE, we couldn’t do it without you!! She also spends her days developing systems to make our cider the highest quality possible. She enjoys working at Citizen because it combines all her favorite things: science, craft beverages and awesome people. Her favorite cider to sip on is Stan Up. When she’s not working she enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and hanging with her super cool son Bill.




Bryan joined our kitchen staff just 6 months ago, but enjoys working for Citizen because of our chill environment. He loves cooking and is happy to do so for a restaurant that serves such a deliciously large menu. Bryan spends his mornings setting up the kitchen and doing lots of prep work. You can find Bryan sipping on The Disco Inferno or the Americran, his two favorite ciders. When he’s not working he enjoys hanging with friends, listening to music and playing video games. Thanks to Bryan for preparing food off our amazing tasting room menu, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!


That’s a wrap on our Citizen Spotlight II ! Keep an eye out for our 3rd edition, We love our employees and we love giving them the credit they deserve!