The Citizen Spotlight – Behind The Scenes.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for Citizen Cider? Our company would be nothing without our hardworking Citizens. We want to take this opportunity to highlight a few of our employees. Lets take a look at exactly what they do here and why they love it so much! Citizen Cider is like a family, each team member contributing to one thing,¬†creating Cider for the People.¬†

Today’s Citizen Spotlight:


Lead Packaging Logistics Manager

Danielle started out at Citizen Cider as a server 3 years ago, today Danielle runs the packaging line. On a day to day basis you can find her managing the packaging team, ordering materials and making sure all product is perfectly packaged and shipped out – basically she makes SH!T happen. Danielle loves working here at Citizen Cider because she believes in the philosophy of the company, supporting farmers and local business. She loves the close knit relationships that form and how Citizen is like working with family. Her favorite ciders include The Full Nelson (RIP), Tulsi & Sage Against the Machine. When Danielle isn’t crushing the cider game, you can find this lady boss skiing, hiking or mountain biking.


Brand Ambassador

If you’ve ever gone to an event that Citizen Cider has sponsored or been involved in, you’ve probably met Tim. He spends his work days traveling all over New England, solely being in charge of tastings, events and checking in on accounts. Tim has worked for the company for about a year and enjoys being able to educate consumers on our product. He loves getting our ciders into the hands of the people. Tim is the ultimate fan of Unified Press, a classic cider for a classy kind of dude. When Tim isn’t telling the ‘Citizen’ story, he is at the studio perfecting his dance moves. Boy can dance!


Head Bartender

Justin has worked for Citizen Cider for 2 years. As head bartender Justin spends his days (and nights) tending bar, doing all of our liquor and beer orders, bar prep, retail, draft lists, managing our front of house staff and creating our AMAZING cider cocktail lists. He loves working with the Citizens of Citizen Cider and enjoys the company philosophy and product. It’s nice to work for a company that you believe in and can stand behind the product 100%. His favorite ciders are some of our OGs: The Barrel Aged, The Full Nelson, Cidre Bourgeois, but he’s also a big fan of The Wit’s Up. When Justin isn’t behind the bar, you can find him scoping out the best restaurants and breweries in New England, seriously he’s got a brewery shirt for every day of the week!

Cheers to you guys! Thanks for being you & thanks for being part of Citizen Cider, we couldn’t do it without you!