Tulsi is here.

New year, new cider.

The time has come. The people asked for it, and we delivered. Tulsi is now available in 12oz cans! This limited batch cider is not only a staff favorite, but has rapidly become one of our most popular small batch ciders we make here on Pine Street! We wait patiently all year for this delicious herby cider. We are #EXCIDERED to introduce Tulsi as our newest Origin Series cider, infused with fresh Tulsi grown right here in Burlington, VT, at the Intervale’s Hallow Herb Farm.

About Hallow Herb Farm

Hallow Herb Farm grows certified organic medicinal and brewing herbs in Burlington, VT. The owner, Jeff, spends long, hot summer days tending to the herbs, making sure they’re just right. Cheers to Jeff, for providing us with our fresh Tulsi year after year – we couldn’t do it without you!

So, What is Tulsi?

Tulsi, more commonly known as Holy Basil, is an aromatic perennial plant that is similar in both flavor and scent to basil. One of the most sacred plants in India and considered “The Queen of the Herbs,” Tulsi is said to support a healthy response to stress and to help restore balance and harmony. The Hindus consider Tulsi a very important medicinal plant that can help spiritually repair both body and mind.


Basil Cider, say whaaaa?

We add this distinctive herb to our off-dry cider by letting it steep during the fermentation process, allowing the aromatic holy basil to complement our fresh apple cider. In return we get this truly unique basil inspired cider.

This extremely limited cider will be available in our Pine Street tasting room starting this weekend, as well as at select retailers starting next week. So stop what you’re doing and stock up! This tasty little treat is in high demand – get your hands on it while supplies last!