VOTE – for Ms. Burlington!


We plan on announcing the winner of this highly regarded election here at our Pine Street location on November 10th. We will celebrate all things Ms. Burlington with music, dancing, and of course the tapping of the cider, Ms. Burlington.

The candidates and their statements are listed below:


Don’t blow it! Vote!


Glitter and Goodness to the core!


I’m truly honored and humbled to be nominated for such an esteemed award. A born and raised Vermonter, I can’t think of a better place to live than our gorgeous city of Burlington.

From the New North End, where I grew up, to the bustling South End arts district that I currently call home, each corner of Burlington is vibrant, fun, and filled with amazing people.  I’m proud to live in a city with a soul, a place that is accepting of everyone. This city is humming with great art, gorgeous green spaces, and innovative technology and business. We work together to make our community one that proudly thrives on acceptance, renewable energy,  and great craft food and drinks.

What makes me Ms. Burlington?

  • I’m an active volunteer in our community, doing all I can to bring positive change and continued excellence to Burlington. Whether it’s packing food into boxes or organizing fundraising  events to benefit affordable housing or healthcare, I like lending a hand in our community because I know they’d come to my aid if I ever needed them.
  • I like smiling; smiling‘s my favorite. New to the area? Let me show you around and share all my favorites with you.
  • I work with tons of theatres in the area. I love the opportunity to share magic and joy onstage. It’s not just about watching a good show. It’s about escaping into a world that isn’t our own. That for a few hours, we can be taken away from the daily grind and connect with each other through songs, dances, and maybe even some flurries in the Flynn 😉
  • I buy local and love the Burlington Farmers Market.  There’s nothing better than fresh flowers and baked goods to go with a can of Citizen Cider.
  • My dog, Bennet, is super friendly and adorable. He’d make an excellent puppy consort.
  • I share my love of all things sparkly with anyone who needs a little extra shimmer in their lives.
  • I know some great secret parking spots downtown.
  • I think more than anything, being a Burlingtonian is a frame of mind. No matter where we come from or where we go, Burlington is a part of us.

Thanks for reading – I humbly ask for your vote!


The People’s Mayor


Jen Berger, aka The People’s Mayor, has been giving the gift of creativity and spunk to Burlington since 2001. If you have lived in Burlington for any amount of time, you’ve most certainly taken notice of her unforgettable personality
expressed through a kaleidoscope of color. Campaign manager, and local rock-legend, Caroline Marie reflects on Jen’s zesty signature style commenting that Jen’s closet is “…one of the WILDEST things I’ve seen. I didn’t know a person could own so many (like hundreds!) colorful dresses, scarves, wigs, and corsets! Not to mention shoes. OMG. This girl has a rad fashion sense, and Burlington knows it.”
But let’s not forget about the hats. As The People’s Mayor, Jen Berger has worn many hats for Burlington – both literally and figuratively. She has served Burlington through a myriad of outlets whether volunteering at the Old North End farmers market, playing music with a red outfitted brass band, harvesting food at the Intervale, teaching in an afterschool program, organizing a neighborhood festival, biking through the streets, painting murals with students at the elementary schools, strutting the cat walk during the Art Hop, working at homeless shelters, teaching community art courses, fighting for justice, gardening in the community gardens, and organizing cultural events for Burlington’s residents.
So who will you choose for Ms. Burlington? A Dirty Mayor or The People’s Mayor?


This Burlington Comedian is No Joke!


The thing I love about Burlington is how close to Vermont it is!

Eh, nobody laughs when I tell it on stage, either. As a native Vermonter, my obsession with Burlington is almost unhealthy. Ironic, since the CDC says we’re one of the healthiest cities in the U.S.

I moved here 11 years ago for college, and if the Queen City wants to get rid of me now, it’ll have to drag me away kicking and screaming. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family — or in my case — a lovely place to raise an asthmatic cat (I didn’t know they could have Asthma, either. Ask me about it sometime). I’ve refused to leave BTV so much that even though I graduated, I never left college— my Alma Mater was crazy enough to hire me.

The only “downside” is Burlington’s small, close-knit community  —  you can’t go anywhere without encountering me in some way. Head to Vermont Comedy Club or any function featuring improv comedy, and you’ll probably catch me performing with my troupes as an improv comedian (hey, politicians aren’t the only ones who can be successful by just making stuff up). Read the Seven Days this summer? You may’ve seen me on the cover featured alongside some other women who are funny as hell (Er, heck. Classy.) Nothing says, “I’ve made it!” to your parents more than a Seven Days cover story. Trust me.

Avoiding me by never leaving your house again? Bad news— you’ll probably see me on TV, find me on social media, or hear me on the radio. I’ve infiltrated Burlington’s TV and radio commercials as the voice for local businesses and events. Plus, I’m all over social media — it’s my job. (No, really. My parents laugh about it, too). I’ve Tweeted, Snapped, Instagrammed, Facebooked, and just plain social media’d Burlington for years. It’s actually made me a Seven Daysies finalist for “Best Social Media Personality” for three straight yearsbut some yokel named Bernie Sanders keeps beating me (which is ok because I really do ‘Feel the Bern’).

You never know where I’m going to turn up — rappelling down the side of a hotel for a Flynn Center fundraiser (‘fun’drasier more like ‘terrifiedofheights’raiser, amirite?), running (Limping? Crawling?) toward the finish line in the Vermont City Marathon, officiating weddings near Lake Champlain (beautiful wedding, Howie & Mikael!), playing kickball in Oakledge park (WAKA league forever), attending large-scale theme parties in full costume at businesses I don’t even work at (I’m looking at you,, or frequenting awesome cider tasting rooms (that are conveniently located within walking distance of my place of employment).

Where will I show up next? Hard to say. I recently found myself on Buzzfeed: click here

In all seriousness, I do know this: This “all things delightful” girl’s here to stay — and I’m ready to officially represent the title of Ms. Burlington because honestly,
I gave myself that title a decade ago. I’ve just been waiting for BTV to catch up.


Nichole Nason is Burlington famous.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.56.08 PM

A woman who already unofficially holds the title of Ms. Burlington. Nichole Nason is Burlington famous. She is known and loved by everyone around town! While many of her connections are a result of her job, she genuinely cares for and relates to people in a way that makes those connections go much deeper than typical business relationships. She shows up for any special occasion big or small, with a huge smile on her face and an unbeatable positive attitude. Her infectious laugh fills a room and a hug from her can make anyone’s day.
Here are a few quotes from real life Burlingtonions who have encountered Nichole, aka Ms. Burlington in action: “Nichole Nason is like a fine wine, she just keeps getting better with age (and she makes you party hard, dance like crazy, and laugh until you cry)”
“Nichole Nason is like a walking party. she literally walks around semi-drunk with a kazoo in her mouth looking for people who want to dance”
“Apparently a steady diet of beer and Mcdonald’s cheeseburger combo meals are the keys to a bangin bod”
“I saw Nichole Nason once….I knew it was her because there was a pack of people around her drinking bud lights and she had that gorgeous red hair I heard about in peoples stories…she looked even cooler than I imagined.”
“the key to a perfect Ms. Burlington is finding someone who is equally fun at a strip club and a baby shower…that person is Nichole Nason”


‘The Unofficial Candidate’


MISS PIGGY is and continues to be a tireless force on Burlington’s bustling working Waterfront for 35 humble years. MISS PIGGY was purpose built for her Lake duties in 1982; And is the only one of her class plying the waters of our beautiful Lake Champlain.

Not only does MISS PIGGY impress with her elegant lines … She is very powerful! Beneath her solid deck is a power plant of 650 Horsepower dual engines. MISS PIGGY was conceived in 1982 in the Steel barnyards of Eastern Marine INC in Panama City Florida.

This Little Piggy didn’t go to market …. This Little Piggy ran all the way home to Burlington!

Don’t be misled by her elegant looks MISS PIGGY is a Free Market Entrepreneurial BOMBSHELL!

That being said – MISS PIGGY is also committed to her community as well!

Every year like clockwork MISS PIGGY is front & center instrumenting & coordinating the fantastic 3rd of July fireworks, safely pulling the pyrotechnic gear out to the breakwater for Burlington’s celebration of our Independence & Freedom – FREE OF CHARGE!

24 hours a day – 365 days a year MISS PIGGY is on call! Offering the Lake community support. Rescuing sailors in distress or at times – salvaging vessels from both the depths and the shores of Lake Champlain.

We’ve all been told … “You can put lipstick on a pig “ Well this HOT Swine continues to earn respect & is here answering her Call Of Duty 35 years & Going Strong. VERMONT STRONG!

Who ever said … “ Pigs can’t fly” haven’t seen our MISS PIGGY! This 42ft long & 20ft wide Lady is anything but Boxy or sluggish! MISS PIGGY is a nimble Clove Footed Workhorse of a TUGBOAT. A Modern Gal flying her tattoo proudly  “ MAKIN’ BACON “ epitomizing The Enterprising LCT work ethic!

We at LCT realize that we are biased… We strive everyday to get the job done & TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. We are compelled to Nominate MISS PIGGY because CITIZEN CIDER & SUNSETS on Lake Champlain are perfectly paired & are frequently Enjoyed Together! MISS PIGGY makes for a striking Silhouette & adds a SPLASH OF FUN in the sun as CITIZEN CIDER’s Ms. Burlington.


It’s time to vote! You’ve met the candidates and heard their stories. Who do YOU think deserves to carry the title of Ms. Burlington?