Spring is Springing!

We’ve waited and waited… and then we waited more. After that, we waited some more. The bloom in an orchard is totally dependent on Spring’s weather and Vermont is never willing to disclose it’s plans. The classic Vermonter joke goes something like, “What’s the weather like in VT right now? Give it 5 minutes.” Man, has that punchline been spot on this spring. We’ve had 80 degree days with sun and clear skies, we’ve had late March snow, we’ve had 40 degree gray days and then there has been the rain… But it appears we are in the clear now, pun intended. The flowers in the orchard have started to show their beautiful petals and the bees are busy getting to work.

vJZAJnJ - Imgur

The first bloom to start the celebration are the cherry blossoms. These babies start the whole process and entice those busy bees to come to the orchard and hang for a bit. Most orchards tend to have alternate fruit trees like this, almost as a COMPANION for the apple trees to assist them in their growing process… more on that very soon HINT HINT WINK WINK OMG.


The bloom is an important time for us here at Citizen Cider, obvi, we are all about the apples. We are out planting baby trees, we are out watching the bee release, basically any excuse to get out of the office and into these beautiful orchards, we’ll take it. When we started talking about this year’s bloom we realized our orchard story was out of date. We work with all of these incredible orchards in NY and VT all year round and of course WE know all about it, but do the Citizens?

So we created this lovely page…

…It took a lot of discussion and a lot of just how the heck do we explain visually all of the awesome places we get our cider ingredients from? Not to mention, getting the list together was its own separate challenge… But finally it is here, we present to you this delightful page as another way for us to explain the importance of sourcing fruit locally. We couldn’t do what we do without these local farmers, so raise a glass of Citizen Cider and cheers these hard-working folks.