Introducing… Companion!

com·pan·ionkəmˈpanyən/ noun
“One of a pair of things intended to complement or match each other.”

Are you looking for the perfect picnic Companion? The perfect cider to enjoy while you gaze at the Green Mountains next to a bright blue Lake Champlain?

Well you are in luck! We are so #excidered to announce the launch of our newest cider: Companion.

What the heck is a Companion Cider?

It’s Sour Cherry cider brought to you by your good friends at Citizen Cider! A bit tart sour cherry up front and a whole lotta refreshing, crisp apple cider to follow it up.

Here’s how we explain it:

Apple trees and tart cherry trees make good companions in the orchard. They bloom and harvest at different times throughout the growing season, which is good for the land and good for the farmer. We figured they might make nice companions in a fermented cider as well. It turned out to be true, which is good for us, and good for you.


Is this new delightful cider going to be around forever?

Nope! This is a limited cider and will only be available while supplies last. This cider is just hitting the shelves everywhere so get it while it’s HOT!


What kind of cherries are in this cider?

Balaton and Montmorency sour cherries from our good friends in Wayne County. Want to see just where these babies come from? Check it out on our orchards page!


Whether you are headed to the waterfront for a picnic, a hike up Camel’s Hump or to your favorite music festival, Citizen Cider has created the perfect Companion to join you.