Spring means B-Cider!

Please cider gods, make the sun and green covered mountains come back!

Not sure if you all share the same feelings we are having here at Citizen Cider, but we’ll admit it, we have cabin fever and we have it bad! This winter has felt extremely long, an epic ski season for sure, but enough already, bring on the Spring!

With the changing of the seasons it’s time to switch up the styles of ciders. With the spring comes the blossoms and with that comes the need for bees! The BEEEEESSSS! So, we’re releasing B-Cider as the perfect cider to pair with these spring days.

From the blossom, to the bee, to the pollinated tree, B-Cider is a delicate blend of cider with honey that gives you an opportunity to drink the full circle of life at Northern Orchard in Peru, NY. The apple trees need the bees for pollination, the bees need the apple trees for sustenance, and we need both to make this floral and aromatic cider. Come full circle on our supply chain, drink B-Cider.


What might you ask does honey add to this cider? Glad you asked.

Most would relate honey as being sweet and a great accompaniment to tea or a way of adding a bit of sweetness to a nutty dessert. With cider it obviously adds a bit of that, but it also adds a smooth mouthfeel at the finish. Where most ciders finish tangy, tart and bubbly this cider finishes even and crisp. Just like the ending of a spring day.


OR · I · GIN – noun:

“The point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. Each of the ciders in this series is derived from a place special to our hearts. Take a trip on our supply chain and enjoy these ciders and the places they come from.”

Origin Series Deck-1

As our cider line up acclimates to the ever-changing cider market, we are exploring what is available in our backyard. In doing so the Origin Series was born, the Northeast contains a plethora of ingredients to add to our ciders. That being said, our climate does limit us to only a few months of growing season, so the Origin Series is always produced in small batches.

Happy spring from all of us at Citizen Cider!


Want to learn more about where we source ALL the ingredients we use in all our ciders? Check out our newly revamped ORCHARDS PAGE to meet all the great people we work with.