What’s Up with Wit’s Up?

What’s Up with the yellow can?

To that we respond, Wit’s Up! Wit’s Up was the third can we added to our core line up in 2014. Like Whitney Houston’s, “I Want to Dance with Somebody”, Wit’s Up has quietly become a cult favorite around the cidery. Random, maybe, but once you take the first sip, you’ll understand.


Wit’s Up contains zero sugars and zero sulfites, making its profile very crisp and easy to drink. We say, “drinks like an ale”, because we use a Belgian-style, saison yeast in the cider making process. It also undergoes a malolactic fermentation to create a balanced, non-acidic cider with a softer mouthfeel. Could this be the perfect cider… we think so.

There are ciders for the people, and there are ciders for the people who make the cider for the people. Wit’s Up is a classic cider maker’s cider. Drawing on the old and new traditions of cider making, it starts like an ale and finishes like the dry, sessionable craft cider that it is. Like a cider maker, Wit’s Up is an elusive creature, complex in nature and undeniably crucial to the cider world.

It’s cider for today, it’s cider for what we believe the future of cider to be. The cider category has changed drastically over the years. The first cider drinkers experienced a very sweet, candy like cider profile here in the States. As the industry has advanced, the cider drinker’s palette has as well, shifting from the sweeter style to the drier, more complex ciders. No need for a hot tub time machine, we got you covered. Come, enjoy the future with us and drink Wit’s Up.

Wits Up 2017-2

Drink Wit’s Up, Win Stuff.

Wits Typography

Now it’s your turn to show us just how much you love Wit’s Up. Tag Citizen Cider and use the hashtag #thatswitsup to enter to win a VIP tour and lunch at Citizen Cider, plus a super limited edition screen printed poster and t-shirt. Participants must be 21 and over to win, and the deadline for entries is April 21, 2017, so get postin’.

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