Happy International Women’s Day!

Cheers to the women of Citizen Cider.

When we started thinking about just what ‘A Day Without Women’ would be like at Citizen Cider, we realized just what the impact would be. The significance of International Women’s Day became very clear.

The women behind Citizen Cider make up more than half of the leadership team, they head up departments, write and design what you’re reading and looking at right now, rock the production line, partake in the cider making, sell the cider, pour drinks behind the bar, and serve/cook an awesome food menu. There is nothing these gals can and will not do.

In a time filled with turmoil and hatred around gender justice, human rights, discrimination, inequality and oppression, we take a minute to reflect. Raise a glass with us to celebrate the ladies who make Citizen Cider the awesome company that it is. Cheers!