Introducing Elsewhere.

Citizen Cider meets Shelburne Museum:
A collaboration of history and apples.


That’s right, we collab. The good folks at Shelburne Museum contacted us with an idea. “We have feral apple trees on the museum grounds, you guys make cider with apples, let’s join forces.” So, that’s what we did.

Turns out these apple trees are much more special than we even anticipated. Electra Havemeyer Webb, the founder of Shelburne Museum and also an ambitious and well-known collector of Americana, was responsible for the collection of heritage apple trees that reside on the museum grounds.


Rather than confine her eclectic collections to a single modern gallery, Webb chose to create an institution that would showcase her “collection of collections:” the Shelburne Museum. A general store, meeting house, log cabin, and even a steamship dwell on the grounds. The entire museum reflects Electra Webb’s passion for American history, art, design and architecture. A building was even constructed on the grounds as a memorial to Webb, it boasts the actual walls and items that were once in her Park Avenue apartment. The heritage apple trees we used for this cider reside right outside of the this very building.

So, we brought our apple man, Stan, and his apple picking team to the museum and harvested the apples. The apples were all different sizes, colors and shapes, a true feral orchard. We then pressed the juice at Happy Valley Orchard and brought it back up to our Pine Street location to make some cider. This cider was fermented to dryness and then bottle conditioned to really show the uniqueness of the apple blend. The color is almost golden and it is slightly tannic and very dry, much like the apples were when harvested.


Cider is American Folk Art. Shelburne Museum is the embodiment of American Folk Art. We are honored to have gotten to harvest these historic apples and make this very special cider. It is an expression of time and space in Americana.


As always, it’s never from concentrate, has no added sugar, and is naturally gluten-free.
Be a good citizen and enjoy a bottle of this very limited cider.