Happy Holidays start here at Citizen Cider.

 It’s that wonderful time of year when we all start thinking to ourselves, “What the heck am I going to get my sister this year?” or, “Mom, is such a pain about gifts, what can I get her that she won’t complain about?” Well folks, we’ve got some ideas…



Well that’s obvious, after all we are Citizen Cider. We’ve got a plethora of ciders just for the holiday season!


Check out these nifty gift boxes that can fit 2 bottles, perfect for that difficult gift getter.


Not one for the booze? How about Citizen Sweet? That’s right, we make a non-alcohol version of our awesome ciders. And guess what? They are also awesome. These are great for the kids or for a sparkling sip to ring in the New Year. (Also great as a mixer, wink wink!)


Schwag, who doesn’t love it? We’ve got all kinds of seasonal goodies this year! From thermals, to hoodies, to hats! You name it, we have some great winter gear for the cider-lover in your life!


Can’t make it here? Well that sucks ’cause out Tasting Room is epic. Check out our online store! Santa and her elves are super busy this year packing up the sleigh, so get your order in soon to get those Citizen Cider goodies delivered before the big day!

Happy Holidays everyone!