Vote for Mr. Burlington!

Well folks the candidates have officially been decided and voting is now open! Who will be Mr. Burlington?

We plan on announcing the winner of this very esteemed election here at our Pine Street location on November 11th . We will celebrate all things Mr. Burlington with music, dancing, and of course tapping of the cider behind the election, Mr. Burlington.

The candidates and their statements are listed below:

Billy Bratcher
Your Friend Until The End

Billy pic

M Moved here and made my home for my family here in the new North End in 1987.

Really love playing music as the Burlington house band Rockabilly trio with the Starline Rhythm Boys for these last 18 years!

Been working at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel as the Food & Beverage Supervisor and ambassador of good will to all our guests who come to visit our fair city for 25 years, (132 in dog years).

U Understand that the glass is half filled, and that among Burlington friends someone is willing to refill it (usually with Citizen Cider).

R ‘Red’s Place’ (Starline CD) represents the spirit and lore of many local characters that abound in this lovely town in Vermont.

L Love taking my wife out for lunch at Luenig’s, watching our son front for an Elvis inspired band,”Queen City Kings” and watching our daughter on the pitch playing field hockey for Burlington High School.

 I could not be happier or more content living anywhere other than Burlington. (I guess Craftsbury would be my second choice if I was pushed to come up with a fallback, fine folks there too.)

N Nice record stores ( Burlington Records, Pure Pop), neat antique pickin’s (Barge Canal, nature abounds, never disappointed at Henry’s Diner, night-time music fills the downtown, no one is a stranger in Burlington.

G Got WVMT on the dial and a copy of Seven Days to read over my morning coffee from Speeder & Earl’s.

T Thoughts about all the friends, musicians, craftsmen, humorists, solid citizens and hardworking folk who make their home here in Burlington …and it raises a tear.

O One true place to make it your home and raise a I family, or to be single with 4 legged family members, or a reclusive hermit, or just by yourself and a houseplant or two…I seem to forget when to water mine until it is too late, Thank goodness for Gardner’s Supply.

New folks to Burlington are often friends that you haven’t met yet!

Adam Roof

“Do you want my emails now, or…?”


I’m a 27-year old former Burlington bartender turned local politician who likes to travel the world on his free time. This year I’ve been lucky enough to see 6 different countries, but Burlington is my home. Seeing the world helps me come back to Vermont with renewed appreciation and a fresh batch of ideas on how it can improve.

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Russia on behalf of the City of Burlington to one of our Sister Cities. Yaroslavl, Russia is just a short 6-hour terrifying drive North of Moscow. When I was elected as a City Councilor in 2015 I never imagined that I would be asked to travel to Russia and speak about the City of Burlington. It was fascinating to see so many people in this foreign place so captivated by our home. They knew facts about Burlington, compared their Volga River to Lake Champlain, and loved Bernie. Even the US Ambassador to Russia came to spend some time with us and talk about how important small cities like Burlington are to America. Burlington will be hosting a theater group from Yaroslavl in April and I’ll be sure to set Citizen Cider as a stop during their tour. I’d recommend having some vodka on hand, too…

I tell this story to make a point that can be made in an infinite number of ways. Burlington is special, and we’re all lucky to call it home.

Mom and Dad taught me to leave a place better than how I found it, and that part of the fun in life is figuring out ways to give back. My ways of doing this are though working in local politics and always buying the first round. There are plenty of ways to make positive difference, and I’m appreciative of the ways my fellow candidates work towards that same goal.

I’m just a young guy trying to do right by a City that has given me so much. Whether that qualifies me to be Mr. Burlington, I don’t know. That’ll be up the voters…

Dennis Lemoine
Put The Citizen back in Cider


The gentleman who wins Mister Burlington will best represent this magnificent city at this place in time.

In November of 2010, I took a chance on a new career, a new city and a new life. I had 27 dollars in my pocket when I moved to Burlington. I knew two people in the entire state. It was the biggest gamble of my life and it has most assuredly paid off big time. Since relocating here, I’ve met some of the best people around. I’ve had some of the wildest times known to man. Experienced some of the finest food and libations you can imagine. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn as much as I could possible hope to, about myself, the people around me and our fair city.

From when I first stepped onto the streets of BTV, a newcomer, to today, as your nominee for Mister Burlington- it’s been 6 years. 6 years. What I’ve accomplished and experienced in 6 years is astounding. Mine is a success story that could only happen here in this city, our city, the Queen City. Mister Burlington is a title I’ve positively lived up to these past 6 years and will continue to do so. I am honored and flattered by this nomination and I most humbly ask for your vote.

Patrick McDonough
“I does stuff.”

Mr. Burlington (Pat)

I am the candidate for Mr. Burlington for several reasons:  One, I will lower taxes (just kidding, I can’t do that!); Two, I find this contest to be extremely sexist – if I am elected, I will declare a Mrs. Burlington! (FYI: in the works here at Citizen Cider); and Three, I want everyone who votes for me to join me for an “After-Cider- Party” at a soon-to- be-disclosed location.

Born and raised in this town from 1978 to 2004, the soul of Burlington lives deep within me.  From the mud-stained shores of Leddy Park to the eclectic apartment lifestyle of Intervale Avenue, from Red Rocks’ 76 footer to the dorm life at UVM, I have lived everything that this town has to offer – and more!  The atmosphere of Church St is more comfortable to me than my own bed and I would rather be trudging through thick snow up Cliff St, than sitting at home in front of a warm fire.  In Burlington, I find the strength of culture, vivacious color, and deep underlying personal tenacity in every person that graces zip codes 05401 and 05408.  It is overpowering!

Burlington is THE town where you don’t need to be afraid to be who you really are.  You can smile at a stranger on the street and usually expect a smile or a wave right back.  Any number of restaurants, breweries, and bars in this town will greet you with a collage of happy faces, and will know you on a first-name basis after having only met you once.  Burlington makes everyone and everything feel welcome and at ease, and we are always happy to greet our guests with a drink!

Certain special qualities make me an ideal choice for Mr. Burlington:

  • I’ve volunteered for numerous charities over the years, most notably the MS Walk-a- thon as a team captain, the Penguin Plunge as a thirteen-time- jumper, the United Way as an avid sponsor, and the downtown 10K to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma.
  • I’ve run the Key Bank Marathon! (only once – but that’s enough…)
  • I’m a BHS alum class of 1996 and a UVM alum with a bachelors’ degree.
  • I’ve worked for the local newspaper since graduating and I meet with Burlington residents every day to talk about local events, news, sports, and other concerns.
  • I’m happy to take care of every poor soul on Church St who needs a chance and a little bit of help. If I have something to give, it’s yours!
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY… I am that guy you see at every local event.  From Oktoberfest to Kids Day, I’m there.  You might not know my name, but you recognize my face… I’m Mr. Burlington!

And because we’re good citizens:


“Hello,  we are the contestants for Mr. Burlington 2016 a contest being put on by the local do-gooders over at Citizen Cider. We have gotten together and committed to raising money for the Chittenden County Emergency Food Bank to provide families in need with a Thanksgiving Turkey.  We hope that along with your votes you are able to contribute any amount no matter how small.

Our friends at Citizen Cider have agreed to pitch in as well. They will donate $2 for every bottle of Mr Burlington sold out of the Tasting Room from now until the Election Party (November 11th) will go towards supporting the Food Bank.

Help us with any amount you can and together we will make sure that families across Burlington and Vermont will have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday.”

Now for the fun part…

It’s time to vote! You’ve met the candidates and heard their stories. Who do YOU think deserves to carry the title of Mr. Burlington?