Who is Mr. Burlington?

Since moving to Burlington, Citizen Cider has heard rumors that there may in fact be a character known on the streets as Mr. Burlington.


Citizen Cider would like to shed some light on the matter once and for all. So we made a cider in the spirit of a Manhattan, a true gentleman’s drink. in hopes of luring Mr. Burlington out of the shadows and into the light.

Who is Mr Burlington?

Who is Mr Burlington Sign

You may have seen some of these signs around town… In the spirit of this election year, we here at Citizen Cider decided to hold our very own election. We are looking for the perfect gentleman, a man about town, a citizen of the people, if you will… We are looking for Mr. Burlington.

How do you play a part in this??

WE WANT YOU… to nominate who you think the best candidate might be. Send us an email HERE or drop off a ballot at our tap room to tell us who you think Mr Burlington is and why. We will tally the best and most creative nominations by October 28th and then the real fun begins.


Starting November 1st – we will hold an actual election. We want the Citizens to Vote for Mr Burlington. The winner will be revealed here on November 11th. We will be holding an election party to reveal Mr Burlington to the citizens of of this great town.

The Details:

  • All nominations will be confidential.
  • We will need an email address of the nominee so that we can contact him.
  • The nominee will have to be present on 11/11 at Citizen Cider to be the election winner.
  • Mr. Burlington must be an actual person.
  • You can nominate yourself.
  • You cannot nominate Justin Heilenbach, Kris Nelson, or Bryan Holmes (owners of Citizen Cider).
  • Most creative reasoning will get bonus points
  • Ladies don’t fret; there will be an election for Ms./Mrs. Burlington in the future.

Will the real Mr. Burlington please come forth and share this cider, and your identity, with the world?