The AmeriCran’s Cranberry Bob Bog Blog.

It’s AmeriCran season!

That’s right, it’s time to shift from our lovely summer rosé style cider, bRosé, onto our even more lovely autumn CRANBERRY rosé, The AmeriCran.

AmeriCran Park1

What is an Americran?

Throw together a bin of apples, a bushel of cranberries, and a few cider making citizens and you’ve got yourself an AmeriCran experience. The AmeriCran is a proud union of apples pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, Vermont, and cranberries from Vermont Cranberry Company in East Fairfield, Vermont.

We here in the Art/Marketing department (A.K.A “Team Cheraychel”) knew how the cider was made, obvi; our desks are 15 feet away from the fermentation tanks and the production floor. But how, we asked, were cranberries grown and harvested in our great state of Vermont? “We must get to the bottom of this mystery,” thought Cheraychel. That’s when we decided to take a road trip to East Fairfield, and see the man himself, known respectfully and aptly as Cranberry Bob.

Cranberry bob’s cranberry bog.


Cranberry Bob, is the man behind Vermont Cranberry Company, a small farm with four cranberry bogs located in the hills of VT, also known as the first commercial grower of cranberries in the state. It was a short 45-minute trip from our shop in Burlington, and we chose probably one of the most beautiful days to go up to Cranberry Bob’s bogs, (try to say that 5 times fast). We were surrounded by peak foliage, rolling hills, stunning views, gorgeous weather and even a few turkeys and cows.

We arrived at the farm around noon and were greeted by Cranberry Bob himself and his pack of excited friendly pups! (We love dogs.) Adorned in a flannel shirt and wool vest (very AmeriCran), Bob brought us into his newly built barn where they were busy packaging the fresh harvest of berries.


They use a separator that was built in 1912 and still works to this day to separate out the berries that are not yet ripe and any other unwanted leaves and growth. The berries travel down a small conveyor, where more separating occurs and are hand packed into boxes to be sold locally.

It was at this point that we had to admit to Bob that we (Team Cheraychel) knew absolutely nothing about how cranberries were grown or harvested. I mean we were really in the dark here. So he happily took us to one of his recently harvested bogs, and showed us just what was up with the life of a cranberry. He uses the dry harvesting process, (better for shelf life), which is not common to a large grower who will flood their bogs and let the berries float to the top. Turns out cranberries are hollow- who knew? The little, vibrant berries were easy to spot among the greenery and are harvested by another machine that was made many decades ago.

All in all, an awesome day trip and learning experience. Now whenever you have a sip of AmeriCran and taste the tart, crisp notes from the cranberries, you can think of Cranberry Bob and his awesome Cranberry Company. A delicious taste of Vermont, the perfect accompaniment for this fall season, and also an insider tip, with your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s just another thing to be thankful for.


ABV: 6.2%

Available in: Draught and 750mL Bottle