Stan Up & Drink Stan Up.

Happy Harvest!


We are jumping fully into autumn and harvest season and getting geared up for our annual Ciderfest at Happy Valley Orchard this Saturday. In celebration of this time of year we are #excidered to re-introduce our Limited Release – Stan Up.

Who is Stan, you ask?

Stan is the man.


Stan and Mary Pratt are the folks behind the scenes in all of our cider making. They are the proud owners of Happy Valley Orchard, our home away from home. Happy Valley is a beautiful orchard located in the hills of Middlebury VT and home to the press that creates all of the delicious juice for our ciders.

the opus.


So we did what we do best and dedicated a cider to the man. We gave Stan the task of making us the finest blend of cider possible from the fruit at his orchard. Made with heirloom blends, this year we did something a little different with Stan Up and used only 2015 apples giving this year’s cider a vintage. We aged the cider in our steel tanks for 10 months starting last November, bottled it in late August and then let it bottle condition for another 2 months. And Voila! A year later we present Stan Up – 2015 Crop. To call this cider just “special” would be to do it an injustice; this is a cider made by a true Apple Guy. Stan’s years of hard work and knowledge come through in every bottle, and rightfully so, it only gets better with age.

STAN_TTTPStan Up comes in at 8% ABV and can thank the heirloom apples from Stan’s orchard for its dry and crisp profile. This cider has depth and character just like the orchard and the man behind it. One man, one orchard, one lifetime: this cider. This is truly our way of showcasing the best of Stan and Marry Pratt’s orchard. Take time to pick Stan Up as your new favorite fall cider.