Northern Spy is back! …Again.

2015 was an exceptional year for Northern Spy apples in the Northeast, a bumper crop if you will! In agriculture, a bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest.

Because of this we have extended the release of our only single-varietal cider, Northern Spy.

What the heck is a Northern Spy?

It’s an apple obvi. The ‘Northern Spy’ apple, also called ‘Spy’ and ‘King’, is a cultivar of domesticated apple that originated in East Bloomfield, New York in about 1800. It is most popular in upstate New York. The white flesh is juicy, crisp and mildly sweet with a rich, aromatic sub-acid flavor, it is noted for its high vitamin C content. Its characteristic flavor is more tart than most popular varieties, and its flesh is harder/crunchier than most, with a thin skin.

What does this mean for Citizen Cider?

Northern Spy 22 3

This means we can get these awesome apples locally! We make this cider with Northern Spy apples alone (hence the name, duh), and this single varietal cider is indubitably a showcase of one proud apple and is guaranteed to age exceptionally. Bright and acidic with a touch of sweetness and loads of character.

 What’s up with the new look?

Northern Spy 22 4

Northern Spy has got a brand new package and bottle size. Because last year was such a great year for these apples we are able to move it into a 22oz bottle and offer it for a longer amount of time than usual and in more places, woo hoo!

What should I pair the Northern Spy with?

Follow this formula for guaranteed success:

 Fall weather. This crisp and fresh cider is the perfect accompaniment to the cold air that is slowly creeping in (except today). Pair this with Vermont Creamery’s Cremont cheese and Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Summer Sausage for the perfect fall picnic. Northern Spy is the ideal cider to go with the changing seasons.

With the changing of the seasons comes the apple harvest. We believe that our craft cider can only be made with whole fruit from local growers. We pick. Our growers hand-pick every apple that goes into our ciders. They pick. Now that you know just why we make our Northern Spy cider, we hope you will Take Time to Pick Citizen Cider.