Take Time to Pick Citizen Cider.

The hot weather is slowly fading, nights are getting cooler, and the sun is setting earlier. Dare we say it… Autumn is coming.

With the autumn season comes the annual harvest.


Harvest is the time of year that matters most to us. The time to gather, pick and process the apple crop that we wait all year for. The most important time of year for our local orchards and the most tedious. When you wait this long for the perfect crop, you should be very thorough in the cider you choose.

 Why should you pick Citizen Cider?

We talk a lot about this here at the ‘office’, a topic that is always in the front of our minds with every decision we make. Why would we want someone to choose our ciders? What makes our cider different from the rest? We break it down simply, with the following steps.


Like most things, there are easier and harder ways to get things done. We believe that making craft cider means doing things the hard way, working only with whole fruit and not from concentrates. Building some character along the way and in the end a better product will emerge. It’s all about the process.
We Pick the hard way.


We source apples locally and directly from growers in the Northeast. Our growers are truly the backbone of who we are. Spending hours upon hours in the orchards maintaining each year’s crop. They hand-pick every apple we use in our ciders.
They Pick the hard way.


YEAH, we’re talking to you. The citizens are what makes us who we are. This harvest season, when you are out looking for a cider that will go perfectly with that cool fall weather, we hope you will take the time to get to know the authenticity of our process.

Take Time to Pick Citizen Cider.