Raise your glasses to our Production Team!


This week marks a big milestone for us here at Citizen Cider.

In one week we have packaged 400 barrels of cider; that is 12,000 gallons of cider, or 96,000 cans of delicious Citizen Cider! We literally are producing cider to order at this point, a good problem to have for our growing cidery, but a milestone none-the-less.

This is more cider than we have been able to produce in a week, ever… We wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing Production Team. This team is here at all hours, and they work in a damp and sometimes very cold “office”. Yet, they do it with a smile while rocking out to some pretty solid (and very loud) tunes.

So today we raise a glass to our Citizen Cider Production Team. Thank you all for what you do every day. You are truly the definition of our tagline, ‘Cider for the People, Made By The People’.  Cheers.