Did you know about the Citizen Cellar?


Did you know that we have a whole line of ciders called the Citizen Cellar?


Well we do, who knew? These ciders are only available here on Pine Street in Burlington, VT at our Tasting Room. I know, I know, not everyone can get here to try them, but if you can, you should. The Citizen Cellar ciders are limited batches that dabble in experimental fermentation conditions and co-mingling unique ingredients. This allow us to explore the potential that exists in ciders that use real fruit, never from concentrate, and local ingredients such as hops, herbs, and other small fruits. We believe this approach gives Citizen Cider a real sense of purpose and keeps us aware of our relationship with our agricultural and social environment, which includes you, the adventurous cider lover.




What’s styles are in the Citizen Cellar?

Well that’s a loaded question. These ciders vary all the time and the batches are never the same so we have a plethora of limited varieties at any given time. Some are so new they’ve just been bottled this week, and some have been aging in our cellar for 2+ years. Here is what we currently have in house. Pretty awesome right? Yeah, dude.



Did you know we have a person here every weekend that provides samples of these ciders?

Meet Jordan. Jordan is the man. Not only does he have the key to giving the citizens a taste of our Cellar ciders, but he also can tell you anything and everything about each style. Come see Jordan. He’s here Friday from 4-8 and Saturday from 12-8 featuring an array of specialty ciders. This weekend he is featuring Pear, A Currant Affair, AmeriCran, and our Ice Cider.

Did you know we made an Ice Cider? if you didn’t, come see Jordan, he’ll give you a sample and a wicked good deal. There’s only 100 bottles of this stuff left so come try some before it’s gone!

We think special cider is cause to celebrate.