bRosé is back with a bright new look!

Here in Vermont we look for any excuse to celebrate the return of warm weather, and bRosé is our way of doing so. This year we decided to freshen up the label, but do not fear, the cider is still the same!

Here are a few fun facts that will assist you in maximum bRosé enjoyment:

What is bRosé?

Is it cider, is it wine? It’s cider of course! We are, after all, Citizen Cider. It’s our homage to the rosé style of wine. bRosé: Cider rosé made by three bros right in the great state of Vermont. bRosé is hand crafted by co-fermenting 100% Vermont blueberries and sweet cider pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, Vermont.


VT blueberries & co-fermenting: what does that mean?

That’s right, Vermont blueberries right from our friends down the road in Charlotte, VT at the Berry Farm. Co-fermenting means we are adding blueberries in with the juice from Happy Valley Orchard and fermenting them together. This adds a complex level to the cider that comes directly from the blueberry, it also gives the cider that delightful rose color.


Where should I drink bRosé?

The Citizen Cider deck, of course! It’s a great spot to enjoy the warm weather and that Burlington, Vermont vibe. Or if you’re not in our hometown, any other sunny patio that is near you will surely suffice.


What food should I pair with bRosé?

bRosé best pairs with foods that are rich, like lobster, blue cheese, aioli and seafood bouillabaisse. But don’t let our suggestions hold you back; get wild and enjoy bRosé however you damn please!


Should I use bRosé to make a tasty summer cocktail?

Hell-to-the-yeah you should.

Here’s what our bartenders mix up:

BRosé for Days
-1/4 oz of St Germain
-1 oz of Pear Juice
-Fill Brose
Shake and top with bRosé, serve in highball with lime garnish. BOOM!

bRose All Day Cocktail

Ok, you’re officially ready for bRosé season. Get out there and enjoy. Cheers!

(Oh, and remember: dudes can drink pink drinks too.)