The New Citizen Cider.


A look into how we are eliminating added sugar from all of our ciders moving forward.

Taking a huge step to define the craft cider category, we are leading 
the charge with a new process that focuses on the process of fruit to cider.

We started this company in 2010 on a hunch and some good old-fashioned hard work, and we’ve quickly become a leading player in the craft cider arena. We strive to look at the bigger picture and focus on being involved in every aspect of our supply chain, sourcing all fruit directly from local farmers and pressing the juice to create a true craft cider. Never from concentrate.

In response to the cider industry maturing, we are taking a step forward to define what the craft cider category is. We’ve started utilizing a process called Stop Fermentation to eliminate adding sugar, or back-sweetening, any of our products. This is accomplished by using temperature and filtration to stop the fermentation before it is complete leaving residual sugars to create a natural sweetness. The product, as a result, is much more balanced and integrated.

By using this process we are sticking to the values of how we operate as a company, keeping the cider as true to the fruit as we can. We think this process will come to define craft cider, and distinguish craft from macro ciders. It is more authentic, and a better representation of what cider is, and can be,” says founder Justin Heilenbach; 

“…The apple standing alone, standing tall.”

What is Stop Fermentation you might ask? Well it’s what we call the process of creating true craft cider.

In other words it is our commitment to not adding sugar to all of our ciders moving forward. The only sugar in our hard cider is what naturally occurs in the apple.

The infographic below shows the steps in how this process works, but here it is again just in case:

STEP 1: THE WHOLE APPLE – We work directly with growers & local farmers.

STEP 2: THE PRESS – We hand-select six to eight classic northeastern varieties of fruit to create our blends.

STEP 3: THE FERMENTATION – We use temperature (cold slows down yeast) and filtration to stop the fermentation before it is complete, preserving some of the natural sugar created by the tree.

STEP 4: TRUE CRAFT CIDER – The result is balanced, integrated, bright, and fresh. Authentic craft cider.

What will change:

– The ABV is lower.
– Color is a deeper gold.
– No added sugar.
– Product is more integrated and balanced.
– Fewer calories.

What won’t change:

– Citizen Cider’s place in the market as the best craft cider.
– Taste profile.
– Shelf Stability.
– Price.

It’s not easier, but it’s better.

Stop-Ferm Process Vertical

So get out there and grab a bottle, can, glass, whatever-you-fancy of your favorite Citizen Cider, and know that we’re committed to bringing you a product that we feel good about making, and you can feel good about drinking. No added sugar. Never from concentrate.