Celebrate Olmsted.

Burlington, you gave us your apples and we fermented them into hard cider!

Last harvest, we reached out to the citizens of Burlington to bring us apples that grew wildly on their streets and in their yards around the greater downtown area, to celebrate the history of apples that have been growing in Burlington since the mid 1800s. With the help of the folks who brought us their apples, we have pressed and fermented these apples into a delicious hard cider that pays homage to Burlington and its historically amazing apples. Now we ask you all to come out and join us in celebrating the release of this cider! We’ll be doing cider tastings and have a tour of our production space at 7:30pm, followed by a presentation by local historian Hugo Martínez Cazón, who will speak of the ravine and this cider’s connection to the famous architect, Frederick Law Olmsted.

When: Sunday, April 19th, 6-9pm
Where: Citizen Cider, 316 Pine Street, Suite 114, Burlington