Spring means B-Cider!


With the changing of the seasons it’s time to switch up the styles of ciders. With the spring comes the blossoms and with that comes the need for bees! The BEEEEESSSS! So, we’re releasing B-Cider as the perfect cider to pair with these spring days.

What’s Up with Wit’s Up?


What’s up with that yellow can? Wit’s Up contains zero sugars and zero sulfites, making its profile very crisp and easy to drink. We say, “drinks like an ale”, because we use a Belgian-style, saison yeast in the cider making process. It also undergoes a malolactic fermentation to create a balanced, non-acidic cider with a softer mouthfeel. Could this be the perfect cider… we think so.

Introducing Elsewhere.


That’s right, we collab. The good folks at Shelburne Museum contacted us with an idea. “We have feral apple trees on the museum grounds, you guys make cider with apples, let’s join forces.” So, that’s what we did.

Stan Up & Drink Stan Up.


We are #excidered to re-introduce our Limited Release – Stan Up, made by Stan the Man himself, owner of Happy Valley Orchard and Apple Expert Extraordinaire. He’s kind of like our hero.

Northern Spy is back! …Again.


2015 was an exceptional year for Northern Spy apples in the Northeast, a bumper crop if you will! In agriculture, a bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest. Because of this we have extended the release of our only single-varietal cider, Northern Spy.

The Olmsted Apple Project 2016.


Take time to pick the diverse apple varieties that distinguish the greater Burlington area. These apples are ready to harvest – so grab your friends and some buckets and get picking. Bring your crop to Citizen Cider and together we’ll make our third round of the esteemed Olmsted Apple Project Cider.

Take Time to Pick Citizen Cider.


The hot weather is slowly fading, nights are getting cooler, and the sun is setting earlier. Dare we say it… Autumn is coming. And with the autumn season comes the annual harvest.

Tours at Citizen Cider.


Ladies and gents, it is with great excitement this holiday weekend we are FINALLY able to launch tours of our production facility here on Pine Street in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

Say Hello to Sweet.


Ok, people. We did it. We made a delicious non-alcoholic sparkling cider, made with 100% juice with no added sugar and, of course, never from concentrate.

Olmsted 2.0

Olmsted apples1

Thank you to all the incredible citizens of Burlington who brought their apples down to us this harvest season! We are excited to get these guys pressed and fermented into the second round of our esteemed Olmsted Apple Project cider.